Five Points Graphics: Your Remote Team


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Our hearts go out to all of the small businesses and individuals who have been affected by the Coronavirus. We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Like many of you, the restrictions have⁣ hit us hard. However, we are constantly adapting to the situation and trying to stay as positive as possible during these uncertain times.⁣ We are ALWAYS here to help you and your teams stay on track, even when you’re working from the kitchen table. If you have any CAD or custom art needs, we can help. For prints, we can set you up to shop our online collection 24/7. Please consider us part of your remote team.

Sending all the best to you, and as always thank you for supporting our small business.

~ Johnny, Shanna & Steve

Kid’s Trends: 2020 Movie Preview


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Happy New Year! We’re back with our annual roundup of movies that we predict will influence kid’s graphics and prints here at Five Points Graphics. Here’s what we think will be big in 2020.

Dolittle (1/17/2020) Influences: Animals, Fantasy/Adventure, Nautical/Sea Themes

Cats (1/24/2020) Influences: Cats, Action/Adventure, Animal Humor

Sonic the Hedgehog (2/14/2020) Influences: Action/Adventure, Robots, Space

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2/27/20) Influences: Animals, Animal Humor, Adventure

Onward (3/6/20) Influences: Fantasy/Adventure, Magic

Trolls World Tour (3/19/20) Influences: Music, Fantasy/Adventure, International Travel

Mulan (3/25/20) Influences: Female Empowerment, Action/Adventure, Asian Influences, International Travel, Martial Arts

Barbie (5/8/20) Influences: Female Empowerment

Scoob: (5/14/20) Influences: Animal Humor, Adventure, Ghosts

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run (5/20/20) Influences: Ocean Adventure, Nautical/Sea Themes & Creatures

Soul (6/18/19) Influences: Music

Wonder Woman (6/5/20) Influences: Female Empowerment, Superheroes, Action/Adventure, Retro Themes

Top Gun: Maverick (6/26/19) Influences: Action/Adventure, Airplanes, Military

Magic Camp (7/3/20) Influences: Magic/Fantasy, Camping/Outdoor Themes

Minions 2 (7/3/20) Influences: Adventure, Travel

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (7/10/20) Influences: Action/Adventure, Ghosts!!

Jungle Cruise (7/24/20) Influences: Safari Animals, Jungle Themes, Action/Adventure, Nautical/Sea Themes

The One and Only Ivan (8/14/20) Influences: Animals

Monster Hunter (9/4/20) Influences: Action/Adventure, Monsters

Raya and the Last Dragon (11/25/20) Influences: Female Empowerment, Dragons, Fantasy/Magic, Action/Adventure

FPG & Mrs. Maisel


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“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is indeed pretty marvelous, even if you’re only watching for the style inspiration. The critically acclaimed and award winning Amazon Prime series has a fantastic and way of portraying the life of a certain wealthy, well-dressed, Upper West Side comedian navigating her way through NYC in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The performances are excellent, the set designs are beautiful, and the wardrobe, the makeup, the hair – Everything is spot-on and so easy to get lost in. Recently the Paley Center for Media celebrated the show by hosting an exhibit dedicated to Season 2. The exhibit took us through some of the show’s sets and gave a close up look at props, wardrobe, storyboards and even clips from Season 2 episodes. It was like stepping into a fabulous time machine.

Check out some highlights from the show!

Camp: Notes on Fashion


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“Camp is a vision of the world in terms of style – – but a particular kind of style. It is the love of the exaggerated, the “off,” of things-being-what-they-are-not.”

– Susan Sontag, “Notes on Camp”, 1964

“Camp: Notes on Fashion” is the MET Costume Institute’s annual exhibit, which kicked off last month with the star studded MET Gala. The show highlights over 250 objects, artworks, accessories, outfits and more that examine the intentionally exaggerated, flamboyant, and extravagant spirit of camp. There are so many varying opinions on what it means to be campy and this exhibit is a perfect place to explore numerous style interpretations. The colorful fashion eye candy and swoon-worthy, over-the-top runway looks had us smiling, laughing and begging for more. Definitely recommend!

For more information on the exhibit visit

FPG On The Road: The Neon Museum Las Vegas


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The Neon Museum was a major highlight on our recent trip to Vegas. This 2-acre campus is dedicated to collecting and preserving iconic Las Vegas neon signs. The collection boasts 800 vintage signs which have been donated or loaned from 200 local hotels, casinos, and small businesses. In the outdoor exhibit, The Boneyard, the signs are stacked and layered over the property, creating a maze that takes you through the history of Las Vegas. The signage is absolutely gorgeous and in beautifully worn condition. It was so fun to walk through The Boneyard, take in all the colors, and imagine the Las Vegas of the past. Click through our photos below and learn more about the museum here:

Pink: The History Of A Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color


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Last month we visited The Museum at FIT to see the exhibition “Pink: The History of a Punk, Powerful, Pretty Color.” It walked us through 80 extraordinary pink ensembles by designers such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons, Elsa Schiaparelli and Givenchy, and examined the various meanings and impressions behind the polarizing color. Often associated with charm, sweetness, childhood and femininity, the exhibit explored how the color pink was used and viewed in different societies from early 18th century through the present, and how attitudes toward the color have continued to shift through the years. Scroll through our gallery below to view highlights from the show.

Read more about the exhibition here:

2019 Movie Preview!

Again, we’ve scoped out the movies for the upcoming year to predict how we think they will influence placement graphics and print trends.  2019 looks to be a huge year for kid’s films, and we’re pretty excited about some of these!  Here is our list of the upcoming films and their influences.

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (02.08.19)
Influences: Action/Adventure, Space

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (02.22.19)
Influences: Dragons, Vikings, Action/Adventure
Captain Marvel (03.08.19)
Influences: Girl Power, Superheroes, Space, Science, Action/Adventure
Dumbo (03.29.19)
Influences: Elephants, Circus
Shazam (04.05.19)
Influences: Superheroes, Action/Adventure

Avengers (05.03.19)
Influences: Superheroes, Action/Adventure

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (05.10.19)
Influences: Monsters, Action/Adventure
Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 11.25.22 PM.png
UglyDolls (05.10.19)
Influences: Monsters
Aladdin (05.24.19)
Influences: Action Adventure, Magic
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (05.31.19)
Influences: Action Adventure, Monsters
The Secret Life of Pets 2 (06.07.19)
Influences: Animals!

Men In Black (untitled spinoff) (06.14.19)
Influences: Space, Aliens, Monsters

Toy Story 4 (06.21.19)
Influences: Space, Cowboys, Action/Adventure
Spider-man: Far From Home (07.05.19)
Influences: Superheroes Action/Adventure

The Lion King (07.19.19)
Influences: Africa, Safari, Lions, Monkeys, all kinds of amazingness.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 (08.20.19)
Influences: Birds, Action/Adventure, Video Gaming

Sonic the Hedgehog (11.15.19)
Influences: Video Gaming, Action Adventure, Hedgehogs

Frozen 2 (11.27.19)
Influences: Princess, Fairy Tale, Winter
Jumanji 2 (12.13.19)
Influences: Video Gaming, Action/Adventure, Animals, Safari

Masters of the Universe (12.18.19)
Influences: Superheroes, Action/Adventure

Star Wars Episode IX (12.20.19)
Influences: Space, Aliens, Action/Adventure

Wicked (12.20.19)
Influences: Action/Adventure


FPG On the Road: Memphis, TN


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We recently journeyed down to Memphis, TN to take in the culture and soul of the historic city (and to sample some barbecue, of course). Music and art flood the streets and there is so much to hear and see. Some of our favorite places were Stax Records, Sun Studio and The Rock n Soul Museum. Graceland was also a must-see. Click through the photos below to see some highlights of the trip.

Artist Spotlight: Yu Chun “Pony” Ma


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Some people are born with natural artistic abilities, and Brooklyn-based painter Yu Chun “Pony” Ma is no exception. Born and raised in Taipei City, Taiwan, Pony began drawing at age 5 and had created his own comic books by the second grade. After graduating college, Pony moved to New York City and, through a series of events, rediscovered his love of art. He found himself studying Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Since FIT he’s developed incredible skills in acrylics and found his own influence and style in pop surrealism. He has been mentored by artists Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins and Bob Dob. See Pony’s work below and find out more about his inspiration and process.

mountain banshan_72.jpg

Tell us about your background and when you started creating art. 

I was born in Taipei City, Taiwan. I started doing art since I had memories. I remember art class and gym class were the only two classes I was interested in at the school. I was always the person when teachers needed help with decorating the classrooms; I loved doing that because I could have a right reason to skip the noon nap time after lunch. At home, I’d draw my own manga after I finished the homework until my mom yelled at me and dragged me to bed….pretty much every night. 

When I was in my junior high school year, I spent a lot of time drawing, playing basketball (thanks to MJ) and playing video games instead of studying. Therefore, I failed the exam to get in any “good” high schools (the exam determined what school you were eligible to go to. Good schools required higher score to get in). I could only go to a vocational school. So I told my parents that I wanted to study art because that was the only major I was interested in. However, this thought got shut down by my parents because they thought I needed to learn a skill that could help me get a job in the future. Art for them wasn’t a job, it was more like a hobby (it’s a really common thought in traditional Chinese culture). So…I ended up studying Electronic Engineering for 8 years until I received my bachelor degree even though I had no interest and had no idea what I was studying for. During those 8 years, I’d started gaining interest in playing music. So I’d spent a lot of time practicing my guitar skills, playing with bands and dreaming about touring the word. The only thing I didn’t think about and didn’t do was art. It was something that wasn’t familiar to me anymore.

In 2007, I moved to New York and had been studying English at a language school for 2 years. I then decided to go back to college in order to get a longer period for my I-20 (a document for international students). While I was wondering what major I should study (again, I didn’t think about art at all ), one of my friends/ band mates, Jack, saw my poorly/childish doodles I did in my language class. He then suggested me I should pursue an art degree. I thought, “Oh yeah I used to draw when I was a kid, so why not? At least this is something that doesn’t sound new to me.” So I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study Illustration and my door for art has been re-opened ever since.   

01_The Last Guardian.jpg

Did you have any major sources of inspiration when you were young and green behind the ears?

Japanese manga! We didn’t have any American comic books in Taiwan back when I was a kid (as far as I know). I was a huge fan of Dragon Ball; I would create my own characters and stories based on the manga. My dad would take me to the manga supply store and bought me the pen, G-nib, ink and the specific papers those Japanese manga artists used. The other artist who influenced me a lot is Ah Tui (you can watch his video here:  Remember to turn on the English subtitles). He is a Taiwanese sci-fi comic book artist. His has this dark, funny, weird, kind of like Moebius style in his comics, but crazier and busier in each panel. Reading his comic books is like solving a puzzle and I could always find something new every time I read it. 

03_The mighty treasure hunter.jpg

06The protentious_creature collector.jpg

05_The leisurely plant growe.jpg

04_The fearless heart seeker.jpg

What inspires your work now?

After I moved to New York, I started learning all the big names in the art world. I started to try different styles and mediums in order to find my own direction/style. At the end of day, I was so into surrealism/pop surrealism. I love how those artists think outside the box. So I’ve spent some time studying it and trying to find my own inspiration in order to be on the right path. For me, everything could be an inspiration, the weather, the smell, the conversation with friends etc. Sometimes my inspiration comes from my dreams (I even have a notebook filled with the dreams I had). As for now, I’m interested in mixing traditional Chinese culture (or mythology) with western pop culture. 

Does living in NYC influence your work? In what ways?

Yes! whenever there is an exhibit tour, New York is always one of the stops. I also get to see a lot of my heroes’ work in person at many galleries in New York. Also, the diversity in New York is huge; different cultures, races, religions etc.. It seems I can never stop learning new things in New York. There is so much to explore and new things also keep coming in…so get busy!      

Can you tell us about your process?

Well, I normally have a basic concept/ blueprint in my mind first, then I sketch it out on my sketchbook. I spent quite amount of time looking for reference photos at this stage as well. After I finish the sketch, I scan the drawing and bring it into Photoshop. I’d then retrace the drawing in Photoshop to clean out the messy pencil lines. At this stage, sometime I add/ delete elements, work on the composition (enlarge, rotate, move around objects etc.). Once I’m satisfied on the final, I project the drawing on a primed surface (linen or wood panel) and trace it. Then I’ll start putting colors on the top of the drawing. Once I finish the painting, I varnish it in order to give it a perfect protection. 

Pony Ma_Right Wing_2015_Acrylic_18_x24_.jpgPony Ma_Left Wing_2015_Acrylic_18_x24_..JPG

Are you creating/working on anything now?

Yes! I’m currently working on my Bazhen series. It’s a series paintings based on the meals served at Manchu Han Imperial Feast during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912) in Chinese history. I’ve finished one and still have three more to go!! Each painting represents different delicacies. I’ve also created my own little story in this series which I’m not going to reveal yet (for example, why is there a Santa Claus hat?).  I’m also working on a commission painting for a friend of mine. 

Where can we find your work?

Well, most of my work can be seen on my website: 

You can also find me on Instagram: @ponyhorsema

If you would like to have a studio visit, you can either contact me or my studio My studio is located at Brooklyn Army Terminal.  I normally participate in the open studio every year (usually in Oct.).

FPG On the Road: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens


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Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a nonprofit folk art environment and gallery at the site of Isaiah Zagar’s largest public mosaic installation. Zagar is an award-winning mosaic muralist whose work can be found on over 200 public walls throughout Philadelphia and around the globe. He began working on the Magic Gardens in 1994, transforming the vacant lots next to his studio into a wonderland of found objects. Layers of handmade tiles, sculptures, plates, mirrors, glass bottles, bicycle wheels, chains and other non-traditional materials line the floors, walls and ceilings, creating staircases and forming tunnels along the grounds. The space soon became a beloved neighborhood art environment. In 2002, increasing property values brought the land owner back to Philadelphia with intention to demolish the gardens and sell the lots. The community was quick to jump in and support Zagar, raising the funds needed to incorporate the space as the nonprofit organization it is today.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is dedicated to preserving Zagar’s work. As a part of their mission to inspire and engage the community, PMG offers visitors guided tours of the gardens and Zagar’s surrounding public murals, as well as educational and hands-on workshops, craft nights, and local outreach programs. We spent hours touring the spaces and taking in the beautiful and quirky details. There is so much to look at! Click through the photo gallery below and have a glimpse at some of the art. We highly recommend this spot and hope you’ll add it to your “Must Visit In Philadelphia” list.

For more information, visit

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