If you have ever completed the maze on the back of your cereal box, you might not have known it, but you probably have seen the art of Kevin Carroll. As a professional, Kevin has an extensive client list. Perhaps even more impressive are the illustrations, doodles and bits of brain matter that find their way to his sketchbook, unimpeded by the demands of his professional trade. We recently spoke with the newest Queens via Manhattan transplant about what really is going on up there.
Kevin Carroll

  • FPG: Tell us a little bit about your background.

KC: I’m a NYC Artist and Designer and most of my work is geared towards the children and teen markets. I enjoy Illustrating in a pretty wide range of styles and I’ve worked in print, packaging, apparel design, greeting card and editorial art. Mixing it up a bit keeps it all more interesting for me. I received a degree in Art & Design from The State University of New York and I took additionally classes at other design schools such as Pratt and SVA in specific areas of interest.

Kevin Carroll

  • FPG: When did you start drawing?

KC: I started drawing at a very young age, eventually getting in trouble in school for doodling in Math class or at other times deemed inappropriate. This frustrated Teachers, many of whom soon became the subjects of my art. I would tend to zone out when the talk turned to a Hypotenuse or Congruent Triangles. I was not a stellar student but the doodles and drawings were getting some attention and I enjoyed doing them. This seemed like my best bet for a future, what else was I to do? Ice Road Truckin’ is too tough on the nerves and Alaskan Crab Boat crews were not taking on any newbie greenhorns back then.

  • FPG: What were your major sources of inspiration when you were young & green behind the ears?

KC: Early on I was inspired by horror magazines like Creepy and Eerie, Famous Monsters too. Children’s books as well, I still am, but back then it was more of a copy and draw your favorites type thing. TV cartoons were big too, Disney and Warner Brothers, the classic staples. Years later Edward Gorey, Ralph Steadman, R. Crumb and David Levine were some of my favorite Artists.

  • FPG: What inspires your illustrations now?

KC: I still like seeing the more hand drawn work. I’m always amazed at what Mr.Mac can do, don’t get me wrong, it’s great but I really like combining hand drawn and computer art at times. Too often you hit a few effect filters in Photoshop and presto, you’ve got something very cool but it’s Mr. Mac who should take the bow. I just appreciate a bit of the old school hands-on work too.

Lately my personal work has been a bit schizophrenic, lots of girlie apparel work, hearts and butterflies etc. To counter this and maintain universal balance I’ve been working on a series of a darker but lovable beasts and creatures, I hope to assemble these in a children’s book. I’ve also been doing cartoons that reflect a pessimistic view of our celebrity obsessed, text rather than talk society. I enjoy an occasional happy hour and appreciate pets that don’t have bad breath.


Kevin is available for spontaneous praise, freelance illustration & graphic design.    kcny1c@yahoo.com // http://www.coroflot.com/KCNYC