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Back by popular demand, here is our roundup of this year’s movies that are directly influencing kid’s graphics and prints here at Five Points Graphics.


Kung Fu Panda 3 – This sequel reunites Po with his father.  Expect some star wars references!  (influences: Animal Humor / Wildlife Adventure / Martial Arts)

Finding Dory  Follow forgetful Dory’s journey to find out where she came from. (influences: Underwater Sea Life / Nautical Themes / Adventure)

The Secret Life of Pets – Takes a look at the lives our pets lead once we leave the house (influences: Animal Humor)

Trolls An animated musical comedy based on the cult classic toys tells how the Trolls came into their vibrant and colorful hair. (influences: Whimsical/ Fantasy / Fairies)

Angry Birds Discover why these birds are so mad! (influences: Video Games / Animals/ Animal Humor/ Adventure)

Dumbo 2 – Disney’s sequel to the classic tale.  This time Dumbo and friends are lost in NYC. (influences: Elephants / Animals / Travel / Adventure)

Jungle Book – Disney’s 3-d live action remake of the animated film (influences: Big Cats / Safari Animals / Wildlife Action & Adventure / Fantasy / Animal Skin Prints / Camo Prints / Lush Jungle & Tropical Prints)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – The first in a collection of stand-alone stories from Star Wars series, a group of Rebel fighters try to steal plans for the Death Star (influences: Outerspace / Aliens/ Monsters / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action / Adventure)

Ratchet & Clank – Animated film based on the video game (influences: Video Games / Sci-Fi / Outerspace / Aliens / Robots / Action / Adventure)

TMNT2: Out of the Shadows – Another update on the classic series (influences: Ninjas / Heroes / Sci – Fi / Fantasy / Comics / Action / Adventure) 

Ice Age: Collision Course – A sequel to Ice Age: Continental Drift,  Scrat finds himself on an adventure through space. (influences: Outerspace & Cosmic Themes / Prehistoric Creatures / Adventure)

Jumanji –  A remake of the classic film originally released in 1995. (influences: Magic / Fantasy / Jungle Creatures & Plants / Action / Adventure)

Zootopia – Animals have evolved into human behavior and run the world, including law enforcement (influences: Animal Humor / Heroes / Adventure / Action)





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