Museum of Ice Cream


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We ALL scream for ice cream here at FPG.  When we heard about the pop-up museum dedicated to the dessert, we knew we were in for a treat (or two, maybe three).  And we were right.  Besides complimentary ice creams, chocolates and sugary candies, the Museum of Ice Cream boasts over 35 ice cream-inspired art pieces.  Scroll through some of our photos from the museum, and jump on that waitlist!


Hand-Painted Lettering


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Up until the 1980s, hand-painted lettering was widely used on window signage, billboards, storefronts and vehicles.  It was a much more prevalent art form before digital processes took over, but with a cultural shift towards an appreciation for all things handmade, the highly skilled trade is making a comeback.  The unique styles of hand-painted lettering lend more personality and character to a business, service or product.  And it just looks so cool!  We recently attended Viva Las Vegas 19 and the Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston Salem, NC.  Both events hold vintage car shows abound with hand-painted detailing.  Click through the images below for a look at the inspiration we brought back with us.

Girls & Boys F/W 17/18 Mood Boards


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Our latest mood boards are here and ready to view!  Contact us for a link to view all 8:

G Smarty Pants

For 13 x 19 300dpi versions, send us an email at  Free of charge, no strings attached.

Johnny Lowe * Solo Art Exhibition: People’s Playground 6/2/16


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Come see the paintings of Five Points’ own Johnny Lowe at Superfine this week!  The opening event is this Thursday, June 2 from 6-8pm.  The show runs June 2 – July 4 2016.  Don’t miss it!


Girls Trend Alert: Birds of a Feather


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Flamingos, puffins, humming birds, parrots!  We’re coming across all types of birds on graphic tees.  Here are a few examples of our in-store and online findings showing how birds have become such popular motifs.


Trend Alert: Pins & Patches

From runway to retail, Libertine to Marc Jacobs to Zara Kids, pins and patches are having a major moment and the trend is stretching across the apparel and accessory markets for Boys, Girls, Juniors and Young Men.  Whether it’s rhinestone encrusted flowers, embroidered ice cream cones and skulls, vintage brooches and varsity letters, or enamel pop culture icons (hello, Johnny Depp), anything goes.  And the more the merrier!  An eclectic collage of adornments gives wearers the freedom to personalize their wardrobes and show off their unique personalities.

Price point and factory capabilities usually dictate how this ornamental trend will come to life on the retail floor.  So far we’ve seen it interpreted in a few different ways: Either full-on collages of detachable mixed media pins and patches, a combination of top-applied and printed patches and icons, or fully printed icons.  Scroll through the photos below to see a quick overview of the trend on the runway, on the street and at store level.  And if you’d like to see how we’ve designed around this theme here at Five Points, just holler!  

Girls Trend Alert: Science!

It wasn’t long ago that science themed products were only found in the boy’s section of most retail sales floors and catalogues.  But times are FINALLY changing, as girls graphics designed around everything from chemistry to dinosaurs to astronomy are becoming available.

We have seen a big jump in requests across our girls fashion and surface design clients, and are preparing for this to carry over into Spring/Summer in a big way.  We are watching this trend closely and thinking it will become a key theme as demand continues to grow.

Below you can see a few examples of what’s popping up in the market and check out how we’re covering the trend here at Five Points.  To see more of our girl’s science tees, shoot us a quick email:

Original Artwork from Five Points:

Kid’s Trends: 2016 Blockbusters


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Back by popular demand, here is our roundup of this year’s movies that are directly influencing kid’s graphics and prints here at Five Points Graphics.


Kung Fu Panda 3 – This sequel reunites Po with his father.  Expect some star wars references!  (influences: Animal Humor / Wildlife Adventure / Martial Arts)

Finding Dory  Follow forgetful Dory’s journey to find out where she came from. (influences: Underwater Sea Life / Nautical Themes / Adventure)

The Secret Life of Pets – Takes a look at the lives our pets lead once we leave the house (influences: Animal Humor)

Trolls An animated musical comedy based on the cult classic toys tells how the Trolls came into their vibrant and colorful hair. (influences: Whimsical/ Fantasy / Fairies)

Angry Birds Discover why these birds are so mad! (influences: Video Games / Animals/ Animal Humor/ Adventure)

Dumbo 2 – Disney’s sequel to the classic tale.  This time Dumbo and friends are lost in NYC. (influences: Elephants / Animals / Travel / Adventure)

Jungle Book – Disney’s 3-d live action remake of the animated film (influences: Big Cats / Safari Animals / Wildlife Action & Adventure / Fantasy / Animal Skin Prints / Camo Prints / Lush Jungle & Tropical Prints)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – The first in a collection of stand-alone stories from Star Wars series, a group of Rebel fighters try to steal plans for the Death Star (influences: Outerspace / Aliens/ Monsters / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action / Adventure)

Ratchet & Clank – Animated film based on the video game (influences: Video Games / Sci-Fi / Outerspace / Aliens / Robots / Action / Adventure)

TMNT2: Out of the Shadows – Another update on the classic series (influences: Ninjas / Heroes / Sci – Fi / Fantasy / Comics / Action / Adventure) 

Ice Age: Collision Course – A sequel to Ice Age: Continental Drift,  Scrat finds himself on an adventure through space. (influences: Outerspace & Cosmic Themes / Prehistoric Creatures / Adventure)

Jumanji –  A remake of the classic film originally released in 1995. (influences: Magic / Fantasy / Jungle Creatures & Plants / Action / Adventure)

Zootopia – Animals have evolved into human behavior and run the world, including law enforcement (influences: Animal Humor / Heroes / Adventure / Action)





ice age



Brooklyn Museum Celebrates Coney Island


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As dedicated Coney Island enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait for Brooklyn Museum to open the doors to their latest show.  Through the exhibitions Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, Forever Coney: Photographs from the Brooklyn Museum Collection, and Stephen Powers: Coney Island is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull), the museum is celebrating the People’s Playground spirit and showing some of the greatest Coney Island artwork ever exhibited.  Coney‘s epic history is explored through photographs, paintings, sculpture, signage, film and artifacts like carousel animals and amusement games.  Click through the snapshots below from some highlights from the incredible show. 

The show runs through March 13, 2016.  Make sure to check it out!

Find more info here: